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June 18, 2013

Phil Steele thinks Vandy and Northwestern could win it all!

Interesting little exercise he pulled off:

The Final 14 Teams Who Fit the
National Championship Mold in 2013

AlabamaNotre Dame
FloridaOhio St
Florida StOregon
LSUSouth Carolina
North CarolinaTexas A&M

Of course, among his teams in 2012 that he had on this list included Michigan State, Nebraska, and Texas. Last year's list didn't include Notre Dame, though. Check out his methodology. Steele is a sage, but this particular statistical anlysis only looks at raw stats from last season without considering the level of competition those stats came against (this is foreshadowing for a post soon to follow, by the way).



NCMark31 said...

Wow - much as I admire the New Vandy, this seems a bit of a bold prediction. Don't these guys use some sort of eyeball test at the end to make sure the results their stats are bringing them make sense? If not, shouldn't they?

Tyler Dawgden said...

Steele is the man when it comes to stats, so I don't doubt that. Vandy had a very mediocre season. Their best game, was arguably a four point loss to South Carolina.

But beyond that, they do match all the statistical stuff there, even though they played a very easy schedule last season.

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