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June 18, 2013

Football ticket score cutoffs announced

Season tickets:
Anyone who contributed $250 and ordered renewable season tickets get them. Some non-renewable orders will be filled.

Single Game:
All North Texas and Kentucky single games orders are fullfilled. LSU, Missouri, and App State will be determined by July 31.

Away Games:
Auburn and Tennssee orders are filled. Clemson, Vandy, and Georgia Tech will be determined by July 31.

Florida tickets will be determined by July 31.
All Faculty Staff orders recieved by 5/30 are filled.

Even with UT and Auburn down, I'm shocked all orders have been filled. Four seasons ago, the UT cutoff was over 20000 points. 
Nevermind, I'm an idiot:

Away Game Tickets

2013 Hartman Fund ContributionClemson/
Georgia Tech
$5,000 - $9,9994464
$3,000 - $4,9994444
$500 - $2,9994444
$100 - $4992222
Total priority points necessary to be eligible to order30,00015,00010020,000
The full release here.


Anonymous said...

FWIW... Just anybody couldn't order Tennesse or Auburn tix though. You had to have over 15k points for UT and 20k point base for Auburn just to have your order accepted....

Tyler Dawgden said...

Thanks for updating me on that. I don't handle ticket orders (I share with someone), so I didn't realize that.

Anonymous said...

LOL.. no prob... Imma big homer so I like to see any UGA news presented in the best possible light...:-)

Paul Westerdawg said...

You had to have 30k points to put in for Clemson and GT as well. I'm below the cut line for both.

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