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July 20, 2013

ESPN College GameDay Predictions, Weeks 6-10

You can find my Week 1-5 predictions and disclaimers in the first post in this series. Also, this time of the year requires some generalizations about how teams will be doing at this point in the season. I'm not going to do something crazy like put the Wake at Syracuse game on here, but if both are one loss teams, expect them to be in Syracuse if it is an otherwise uninteresting week. Same could be said for any match up in a location they've never been that will make folks go all WTF. Call it the Vandy rule.

Another opportunity for Corso to put on a Gator head.
Week 6 (October 5)
Prediction:Kansas State at Oklahoma State (TBA)
If KState beats Texas on Sept 21st and Oklahoma State beats West Virginia Sept 28th, both will be in the top 25. This is one of those that it is highly dependent on network and conference time slot. I could see any combination of the games below being between undefeated or one loss to a highly ranked undefeated team (see TCU). If for some reason, all of the AQ games are snoozers, GameDay will do their annual flyer site and go to Annapolis for Air Force at Navy. For now, I think they'll be in Stillwater.
Other Candidates: TCU at Oklahoma (TBA); Washington at Stanford (TBA); Georgia Tech at Miami (TBA); North Carolina at Virginia Tech (TBA); Ohio State at Northwestern (8pm, ABC/ESPN/ESPN2); Air Force at Navy (TBA)

Week 7 (October 12)
Prediction: Michigan at Penn State (4pm, ESPN/ESPN2)
If Texas doesn't suck, I'd look for them to be in Dallas. I think Texas will suck.
Other Candidates: Baylor at Kansas State (TBA); Florida at LSU (TBA); Oklahoma vs. Texas (TBA)

Week 8 (October 19)
Prediction: Nevada at Boise State (8pm, CBSSN)
The sexy pick is USC at Notre Dame, but I'm bearish on USC. I'd also pick FSU at Clemson but this is pretty much the last point in the season for them to go to a non-power conference conference site. Note: If they do go to Annapolis in Week 5, look for another location.
Other Candidates: USC at Notre Dame (6:30pm, NBC); Florida State at Clemson (TBA); UCLA at Stanford (TBA)

Week 9 (October 26)
Prediction:Penn State at Ohio State (7pm, ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)
If UCLA is undefeated at this point and Oregon has a Rose Bowl pulse, they could sneak in there. I have them slotted in Columbus in September, but we are getting to the point in the season where records and match-ups are more a consideration than repeats.
Other Candidates: UCLA at Oregon (TBA); Louisville at South Florida (TBA); Texas Tech at Oklahoma (TBA)

Week 10 (November 2)
Prediction: Georgia vs. Florida (3:30pm, CBS)
Iffy schedule week and the SEC East on the line means GameDay in Jacksonville for the first time since 2005. Maimi at Florida State is the closest thing to a back up here.
Other Candidates: Miami at Florida State (TBA); Michigan at Michigan State (TBA); West Virginia at TCU (TBA); Oklahoma State at Texas Tech (TBA)

Up next, weeks 11-15.


Anonymous said...

Good analysis.

If ESPN can line up Tiger Woods for one of the weeks a home Stanford game is on ABC/ESPN, they would be there (Week 8 maybe?).

Also, if they are serious about trying to get President Obama on GameDay, they could shoehorn in a service academy trip (Navy for proximity to DC) to aid with security.

Tyler Dawgden said...

I'd think that is Air Force at Navy. There are plenty of places they could get the President on. In fact, I thought about the Ohio State at Northwestern game a that same week, since Secret Service has handled Chicago plenty.

Tyler Dawgden said...

As for Tiger, that was in the back of my mind for week 13 with Cal at Stanford:

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