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July 8, 2013

ESPNU to show top games of 2012

They've already selected #6-25, presented below:

22. Ole Miss vs. LSU (post game presser – Les Miles)
17. Florida State vs. North Carolina State (game highlight)

The candidates for top 5 include the SECCG. I'm honestly torn about this. One, as a college football fan, it was a terrific football game. Probably top 2 or 3 of games I've seen in person in my life. However, I'm a Georgia fan and the thought of that game being the top game with all the heart ripping out and whatnot is hard to take.

Anyway, if you are so inclined, go vote here.

ESPNU will show the games in reverse order starting on July 17th. The 5th and 4th games will air on July 27th, with the top three airing on the 28th.

As of right now, Texas A&M vs. Alabama is slightly leading the SECCG for first place.


PS. I voted objectively and put the SECCG first, as tough as that was to do.


Ginny said...

Looks like the SECCG is in first now. As it should be. It absolutely was the best game as heartbreaking as it was. Also, how was the Cocktail Party not in the top 25? I know I'm biased but that was a great game.

brian said...

Georgia vs Bama all day

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