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July 9, 2013

Schlabach list his top games each week

Georgia vs. Clemson and Georgia-Florida make the list as the top games for their respective weeks. I can't argue with Georgia-Florida, although the Miami vs. FSU game might be as big in the National and respective conference races. I'm going back and forth about Clemson, though. On one hand, you have two teams that finished in the Top 10 and won their bowl games. On the other, you have a whole lot of defensive questions on both teams. Plus, I think the LSU-TCU game will be a doozy.

I guess if you want to see a likely shootout, that is the game to watch.

Georgia also makes the Honorable mention list for the South Carolina, LSU, Tennessee, Auburn, and Tech games. I don't get Tennessee or Auburn, but whatever.



Chris said...

Georgia-Florida is always the game that I can't wait to watch!

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