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July 10, 2013

Quick SEC Roundup

A couple of nuggets for you:
  • Ole Miss has a player ineligible for last season. Since Ole Miss didn't know he was ineligible, he's sitting out six games this year, but Ole Miss won't have to vacate those games from last year. As the Clarion-Ledger points out, that didn't help Memphis basketball with Derrick Rose. I guess it helps to have Hugh Freeze as the coach instead of John Calipari.
  • LSU haz arrest charges filed. Leading rusher Jeremy Hill has been charged for a bar fight in Baton Rouge back in April. He's already on probation for doing teenager stuff with a much younger teenager. Les Miles is likely going to have to cut him loose, if the school doesn't do it for him.
  • Auburn cooking has been very good to Rodney Garner.
  • Blutarsky provided enough context on Mandel's list, which really just reads like a SEO hit troll list.
  • Y'all, buy Kyle King's book. It is the shortest thing he's written in some time.
  • So much for the theory that the SEC Media Days won't allow bloggers there because of the possibility of a 'circus.'
  • Three weeks in and I still can't get my head around this.
  • Something fun, though. Note that only one of Florida's picks is pre-1990.


Anonymous said...

Love the comment about TKK's "short" book.

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