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July 30, 2013

Georgia at Georgia Tech Tix part of a three pack?

Hearing they are doing a phone in thing: (888) TECH-TIX.

The deal is they are packaging the Georgia game with two other games (my guess is Pitt and Syracuse, since both schools probably returned all of their tickets.) Anyway, has anyone had luck with it?



Anonymous said...

I got an e-mail from them yesterday. $170 for UGA plus your pick of two other games.

Too rich for my blood. Years ago they did it and they had a couple of Thursday night games and I got in on that deal.

Jarred said...

For $170 you get UGA, and then two games from Va Tech, UNC, Pitt, Cuse, Elon, and Alabama A&M, so basically their entire schedule.


Tyler Dawgden said...

Wow. If you wanted to hedge and get that, you'd have your UGA ticket and hope to get at least $75 from selling Tech and UNC, right?

Mudcats Impala... said...

FWIW... I bought two yesterday $370 ttl... face value on the UGA tix is $90 weather you get them from gt or UGA. I also got the VT & UNC games($40 face). Will sell those or use for employee incentives this fall.

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