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July 29, 2013

Monday Roundup

About to hit the road for ATL, but a few things caught my attention this weekend:
  • Blutarsky picks up on something that didn't make sense to me. Clemson is expected to be fairly closely rated with Georgia at the start of the season, yet Steele doesn't see the parts stacking up so closely. Which begs the question: Do people think Clemson will be better than the sum of its parts or will Georgia not be as good as the sum of its parts?
  • Little Jamie Franklin ain't Mark Richt.
  • DaugMan with a nice catch on Jarvis Hayes' work in New Jersey with the Nets' community outreach program.
  • The ACC media thinks a lot of Clemson.
  • Georgia Tech was picked to finish 4th in the Coastal. About what they did last year.
  • Tasty cupcake Mid-season OOC opponent North Texas is picked to finish 5th in the Western division of C-USA.
  • Invariably, someone at the AJC will find a way to connect PJ Hairston's decision making to Mark Richt.
  • Johnny Manziel getting kicked out of a University of Texas fraternity party isn't news. It is inevitable.
  • Atlanta is putting all its National Championship bid eggs in the 2018 new stadium nest basket.
Fall practice starts tomorrow, y'all. If you can't smell the fresh grass, Johnny Football probably has it at his place.



Anonymous said...

Although it's nice to see NBA players and former DGD's do something good for the community, that article is 4 yrs old. Hayes is now playing in Isreal (according to wikipedia).

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