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July 26, 2013

Georgia Basketball Schedule 2013-2014 near finalized

Here is the latest run down on the upcoming schedule for Mark Fox's hoops squad: 
    Home Non-Conference:
    Georgia Tech - RPI 148
    Gardner-Webb - RPI 196
    Lipscomb - RPI 237
    Western Carolina - RPI 247
    Wofford - RPI 249
    Appy State - RPI 267
    UT-Chattanooga - RPI 291

    Away Non-Conference:
    Colorado - RPI 37
    George Washington - RPI 144

    Davidson (1st Round Charleston Classic) - RPI 62
    Clemson or Temple (2nd Round Charleston Classic) - Temple 41 / Clemson 181
    TBD (3rd Round Charleston Classic)

I think we have one more game left to book. With five games against the Southern Conference , we have a real chance to wrap up their conference title before New Years. #Sarcasm

Barring a quality final opponent at home....and without UK or Florida at home this year due to the SEC's expansion, we almost certainly have the worst home slate in the modern era of the program (aka...since Durham was hired).

On the bright side, there are nine winnable games there plus two more depending on how the Charleston bracket evolves and the 13th opponent. Going 10-3 or 11-2 against this murder's row will mean that Fox would only need to win 5 or 6 games in the SEC to break .500 for only the second time in five years.

With 10 or 11 non-conference wins, Fox would probably need to go 9-9 again in the SEC to make the NIT.  Without Caldwell-Pope, you may think that's too much to ask.  However, the SEC had six teams last year with an RPI of 99 or lower. It's very doable. In fact, 8-10 in the league with a win in the SEC Tourney might be enough to get us to the NIT with 20 total wins.

With an NIT trip, I think McGarity keeps Fox.



Anonymous said...

Hopefully the administration has already lowered season ticket prices. Those games are abysmal and Mark Fox, Greg Mcgarity and dawg fans should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

I love UGA Basketball and enjoy the games and follow them all season. However to fill seats you have to put a better product on the floor. The way the NCAA game is set up these days recruiting is huge and I love Fox as a coach but he has got to get some more big name guys in here if he wants to succeed at Georgia.

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