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July 26, 2013

Why Tim Tebow is unlikable to me

First, let's get this out of the way. I don't doubt Tebow's sincerity or his Christianity. There are plenty of reasons to believe he is sincere in his beliefs and lives the life he preaches. While I enjoy the pop culture aspect of 'Tebowing,' I think it is a sincere expression of his personal appreciation for the gifts God has given him.

With that said, I don't like him. Even if he had played for Georgia, I would have found him hard to stomach, as a news story. Of course, if he'd played for Georgia, he might just be another pretty good TE to have come out of Athens, but I digress. The reason?

His efforts come across as phony and for a particular effect. The constant hypeing by ESPN, other media, and Thom Brennaman don't help.

If you want to see what someone who does things to help people because he wants to help, not because there is a media bump for it, but because he wants to help people, go see this. Memphis' QB, Jacob Karam, has been going to St. Jude in Memphis and just doing whatever. Moving boxes. Sitting with families. Playing the piano so child leukemia patients and their families can have a few fleeting minutes of joy.

Everyday Superman stuff.

I know there are things Tim Tebow cannot help. He can't help ESPN and others doing what they do. His family and his media people can. Jacob Karam, however, doesn't have a compelling back story. He didn't get home schooled. His father didn't do high visibility mission work. He isn't a charismatic blue eyed kid. He wasn't born of a seeming miracle.

Yet, Jacob Karam is doing it right. And for the right reasons. I'm not saying Tim Tebow is doing things for the wrong reasons. I'm sure its possible I'd like Tim Tebow the person, with the glaring exception of his college choice. Tim Tebow, the persona, is wholly unlikable. 



Anonymous said...

Why are people so anti-Tebow? I don't get it. I absolutely hate UF, and living in Florida put up with more than enough gatorism. But I don't see one thing wrong with Tebow, and in fact point to him as one of the really "good-guys" to my 2 boys. I may not know all the facts about the media frenzy surrounding him, but I'm not convinced that is of his making. He was at UF when ESPN couln't quit talking about UF, and as far as I can tell he made a good storyline for the networks. I'm also not convinced it's bad that someone's good works are highly publicized - maybe it motivates other people to do likewise. As far as I'm concerned, he and Danny Wurfel are the only 2 good things to have ever come from uf.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with the above comment, I have four children, three of them adopted and I remind them that Tebow is the role model that many should look to, in spite of the fact that I dispize all things FL. However Tebow won me over and he should you too, in this world of horrible role models for our kids, I am suprised you would even question the works of this man. Its funny how when the media cant find a hidden "sin" that they (you too) decide to attack and judge a persons good works. Sad truly Sad!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comment.

The author of this blog or whatever its called is guilty of judging. There is not a single thing that Tebow has done in his life that would merit the questioning of his intent. When you try to say that he does good things for the wrong reason, that is the defintion of judging someone. You do not know what is in his heart.

Who the heck is Jacob Karam? Tebow was the QB of 2 NC winning teams, broke Herschels TD record in the process, won a playoff game for Denver, then played QB for the New York Jets of all places! Might THAT be the reason that he gets so much press?!?!

The fact that people continue to hate on such a model citizen and human being is indicative of the moral decay that is rotting this country. Tim Tebow is the best role-model to grace the wide world of sports in a generation. GO DAWGS

Anonymous said...

Anon: I concur 100%. I also wonder why the info concerning Jacob doing good works has to become an anti-tebow rant. Can they both do good things? I would assume that if Memphis was a nat'l championship team and Jacob had won the heisman you'd get just as much hype as Tebow did. Just be happy there's someone out of UF not shooting people, beating them up, texting time to die, etc. and be happy for some good news.

That being said, gators suck.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Anon 10:49,

You are making my point for me. The Tebow praise, not Tebow's intent, is my problem. Your question 'Who the heck is Jacob Karam?' demonstrates exactly the issue I have.

If Tim Tebow had been 23-17 as a starter and been 3nd team all-SEC his senior season, would that change your opinion of him? Your comment certainly implies it would.

And if you read the whole post, you'll note that I believe his actions are borne of a willingness to very publicly wear his faith.

Alkaline said...

I think there's a place for both quiet service and publicized service. Together they're able to reach different groups of people. I'll admit I'm usually suspicious of self-promoters, but Tebow does not seem to be asking for the spotlight to me, just using it while he's got it directed at him.
With that said, I was glad when the media lost interest in Paris Hilton, and I'll be glad when they drop Tebow, as well. I just don't want to hear about anyone that much or in such great detail.

Anonymous said...

I am Anon 10:49. I fail to see your point Tyler. Why would the praise of Tebow cause you to dislike Tebow? The title of your article is "Why Tebow is unlikable to me." You give no good reason of why Tebow should be unlikable to you or anybody else.

My point was that he was a very successful QB in college who also was "notorious" for how good he was off the field. Jacob Karam aint winning any NCs.

If Tebow had the senior season you mentioned, he would not have gotten as much coverage, on the field or off it, so my opinion of him may be different but only because I wouldnt know as much about him.

So you are saying his actions are the result of him wanting to publicly show his faith, meaning, he wants to do things solely for the recognition of doing them. THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF JUDGING. You are questioning his intent, when there is nothing to suggest that anything he does is for any reason other than the glory of God.

Just admit it, you are a "hater".

Dawgnoxious said...

I think we can all agree that Tim Tebow is very proud of his humility. That's a key difference between him and Jakob Karam.

Anonymous said...

Anti God Jerk!

Tyler Dawgden said...

Whoa. Calm down. I don't Tebow is Anti-God.

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