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July 16, 2013

Good Bull Hunting burns Mark May to the ground

Team Bonding
If you follow me on Twitter, you know Mark May had some things to say about Johnny Manziel's lifestyle choices. TAMU blogger Cuppy Cup at Good Bull Hunting takes May down for his hypocrisy, with newspaper clippings.

Hey, I like making fun of the guy that isn't a UGA QB spooning another UGA QB at Talledega who is living the college football QB lifestyle as much as anyone. Scratch that. I like making fun of any guy living the QB lifestyle in college, because THAT IS WHY YOU ARE A COLLEGE QB.

Yes, there is a limit to it when you start hurting others, but if Johnny Manziel wants to parlay his rock star status into partying his balls off in New Orleans, rolling a two day degen craps heater in Vegas, attending online classes from his apartment, sitting court side at Heat games, and running major boy band ass, that is between him, his momma, Texas A&M, and the NCAA.  Is it fun for me to view it from afar and have slight jealousy? Yes.

But the incessant calling out and preaching at is just so Mark May.



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