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July 16, 2013

First Three Weeks of SEC TV Times to be Announced Today

I've been working on two projects dealing with the Dawgs an TV. First is a look at the potential GameDay sites and how the Dawgs might fit into those. HINT: They'll be at Clemson.

The second is a projection of the times and networks for games. This year is a bit hard, since there is a new protocol controlling the airing. In years past, you figured out the CBS game and worked backwards from that. This year it could be different.

So, I've been waiting on this
The SEC will announce kickoff times and TV coverage for the first three weeks of the season. That means we'll find out the start time for Georgia-South Carolina on Sept. 7. (Georgia has a bye on Sept. 14, and we already knew that opening week game at Clemson will be at 8 p.m.).
That has been the case in years past, and I had been hearing it would be done again. Since the only question mark for Georgia in the first three weeks is South Carolina, I figured I'd wait to see if there are tea leaves to be read from the first three weekds, particularly weeks two and three.

As it stands, I think the South Carolina game is a mid-afternoon affair on ESPN, say 3pm. ESPN already has Florida at Miami scheduled for noon and Notre Dame at Michigan for 8pm.

I'll get the schedule up as soon as practical.


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