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July 24, 2013

SEC Bowl games under 2014 bowl rules

UPDATED: Because I didn't take into account the Sugar being part of the playoff rotation in 2014.

For fun, I'll take a look at who would play in the games under the 2014 bowl arrangement using the 2012 season.


Not hard to say Alabama. As for Florida, well, Florida gets in. And probably plays Alabama. I'll see where we are with the system that is coming, but it is hard for me to see them putting two teams from the same conference that haven't faced each other in the regular season on opposite sides of the bracket. In fact, I'd bet they'll have an unwritten rule that any two teams from the same conference will face in the first round. They'll play in New Orleans. I've gotten that out of my system.

Orange: Georgia vs. Florida State. Hey, good times on the beach, amirite? With Notre Dame in the playoffs and no other B1G team close to the top 10 in the BCS, the Dawgs end up here.
Peach: LSU vs. Clemson. Let the bitching begin anew.
Cotton: Texas A&M vs Oklahoma. Nothing to see here but Spurrier sending Bret Bielema Jimmy John's delivery to Bielma's house during the game, because it IS so fast he'll freak.
Capital One: South Carolina vs. Nebraska. Taylor Martinez gets his helmet taken off by Clowney, who promptly gets ejected for life.

So that leaves Vandy, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss bowl eligible for the pool. For my money, Mississippi State plays Texas in the Texas Bowl. Vandy probably ends up in Nashville, since they don't travel. Ole Miss plays someone like Georgia Tech NC State in the Belk.

So yeah, you can see where it goes badly for bowls like Outback, Gator, and Liberty.

Even if the Orange doesn't take an SEC team, it only helps one other bowl. So South Carolina gets into the pool, meaning Outback or Gator doesn't get so screwed.



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