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July 15, 2013

SEC Media Days

One of the most comforting things of mid-July is the annual exercise of snark from media members who flock to the Wynfrey hotel in Hoover every year to have a group bitch session about...

The Internet. It isn't going to work right, no matter what. There are four thousand people there, with roughly half of them sporting more than two devices that need Internet connection. I'm no technology expert, but that sounds like a recipe for no Internet. It isn't Verizon/AT&T/Sprint/The Winfrey/SEC's fault. It is yours.

The Food. It must suck having to do your job and not have quality food supplied to you. #Pray4SECMedia

Alabama fans. Not sure if you've noticed, but the reason the SEC has more beat writers, online media writers, national media writers, radio personnel, TV personnel, and bloggers is the fans. Without those Alabama fans, would be a rather mundane website about municipal bankruptcy instead of a go to for SEC news. 

Kevin Damn Sumlin and Mark Richt. One uses too much profanity. One doesn't use enough. Go figure.

Clay Travis. I'm with them on this one.

The good news is the unofficial start to football season is now. 

Go Dawgs.

SEC Media Days Schedule:

July 16 (Afternoon Session):
Ole Miss
South Carolina

July 17 (All Day):
Mississippi State
Texas A&M

July 18 (Morning Session):


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