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August 6, 2013

Best SEC fan base by brand value

Emory University says. Their methodology.

It should come as no surprise that the SEC ranked the tops in brand equity among conferences. We have bigger stadiums (generally), with more people coming to them and higher overall brand recognition:
The SEC ranking is notable in that while we all know that the SEC has dominated on the field; our results also suggest that the conference schools are extremely efficient in translating the intensity of fans into dollars.
So, yeah. The SEC is the tops in brand equity among all conferences.  

But how did they get Georgia as tops in the SEC?
Over the period of our study, both Georgia and Alabama averaged between 9 and 10 wins a season. However, Georgia averaged 12% more in revenues per year than Alabama. Alabama also had a couple of years in the beginning of our sample (2002 & 2004) where the home games were not all filled to capacity. Thus, over the period of our study, when we control for team performance and other institutional factors, the Georgia fan base is just a bit more loyal and devoted.
12% isn't chump change, but I'd bet those Mike Shula years sure play a lot into how this ranking turned out.

By the way, UGA and Alabama were top ranked in the nation, too.

(h/t @PatSmith)


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