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August 6, 2013

Non-offensive points scored against Georgia

One of the most maddening things to me is most college football stats don't differentiate between scores by the opposing team's offenses and scores by opposing team's defenses and special teams. While I can see why the technical reasons behind not making the differential, in some cases it provides a non-factual picture of how a team's defense handles their business.

For example, too many times I've heard about South Carolina's thrilling win gut punch over Georgia in 2011 (just noticed Blutarsky points to the same thing in his post on this) and how easily they moved the ball on Georgia's defense. In fact, I've seen this game pointed to by Georgia fans, who were in the stadium for the game, as proof of that Grantham's defense just isn't ever up to the task against South Carolina.

But, it wasn't so. Let me remind you of the most fat guy touchdown of all fat guy touchdowns
Hey, that was just the first of his two TDs. He also recovered a Murray fumble and returned it 5 yards for TD. Add in the Antonio Allen pick six and you have nearly half of South Carolina's points being scored against someone other than the starting defense. Even taking out Ingram's fake punt, since it was a 'rush' against the defense (hell, he had 1/4 of South Carolina's rushing yards in that one play), that is 1/6th of South Carolina's total non-offensive touchdowns from 2007-2012 (from Statistically Speaking):

So, I got to thinking, how many of those did the top six get against Georgia.

UF - 1 KO return, 2 Ints
Alabama- None
South Carolina - Punt return, fumble return, 2 Ints
Auburn - 1 KO return
Tennessee- 1 Int
LSU - 1 punt return, 1 Int.

Beyond personally making sure South Carolina is near the top of this list, I don't see anything statistically significant here. While it shouldn't come as a surprise, the one thing that did stand out to me was Georgia is 5-4 in the games against those six teams when we give up a non-offensive TD. It also shouldn't come as a surprise that we are 0-2 when we give up more than one non-offensive TD (2011 SC and 2011 SECCG against LSU).



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