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August 28, 2013

Clemson: Why we can win

Well, stuff like this:

Go to 1:17. (Or go here for a better vid)

The conventional wisdom is that we will have a #MACtion like score fest come Saturday night. That may well be the case. We know UGA can score from all over. The real concern Clemson has to have will be if we play like it is the seventh game of the season instead of the first, at least from a game planning standpoint.

If we come out with the full playbook and make Clemson's secondary chose stopping the run or deep cover help with Murray making checkoffs, then Clemson is in a world of hurt.

One other thing, even if our defense is walking wounded and guys that haven't practiced enough, Clemson can be made to be a one trick pony. South Carolina has given us a template in keeping Boyd in check. Against the Gamecocks, Boyd is a combined 22 of 53 for 266 yards, 2TDs, 3 Ints. Rushing he has 28 attempt for 3 net yards. He's been sacked by them 11 times. They did it by bringing rushers in and collapsing the pocket on Boyd and keeping a greendog on him at all times. That and keeping those WRs from getting quick outs and open deep.

Now, we don't have Clowney out there who is going to demand double or triple teams, but we do have speed at DE, LB and S, even with injuries. If we force Boyd into making bad decisions early, it will be a very fun night.


PS. Any Clemson fan out there want to mention the comeback on LSU, let me be sure you understand the vast differences in our QB, TBs, and coaches. You might get the ball back once, but you are going to have to stop any combination of TB and FB runs/passes, plus TE/FB screens. You won't see three Murray passes in the boundary or sidelines IF we need to kill the clock. If Murray is throwing the ball deeper than five yards, it'll be to Conley, Mitchell, or Scott-Wesley running deep. Or you could see the play above or 344-Fullback or a play action jet to Marshall.


NCDawg31 said...

Since we're on to the more optimistic posts, whenever I'm feeling good
about Saturday's game, I remind myself that a lot of Clemson's
optimism is based on their bowl game, which certainly was a big win, but
to be honest, I'm not so sure Les's crew was feeling all that motivated
about being in the Chik-Fil-A Bowl. Other than that, what was their best win
last year? GT? VA Tech?

Of course, the Tigers are a talented
team, and with their current swagger and a hyped-up atmosphere, I
definitely could see them overwhelming our young D and winning this one.
Even so, I'm just not sold on them being a consistent top-tier program

paulwesterdawg said...

I'm hoping LSU's bowl performance is like our Music City Bowl showing in 2001.

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