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August 8, 2013

Manziel's assistant

Go read Wright Thompson's two very strong pieces on John Paul Manziel. In the second one, linked in the tweet below, he is asking the question I've been thinking about since his first piece came out:
Thompson notes the NCAA has nothing if no one talks. To date, the brokers aren't talking to the NCAA. Even if brokers talk, unless they have a cashed check or another paper trail, I don't see how the NCAA would act against Manziel. Manziel can be compelled to talk or at least pony up bank records and whatnot. LOI for the win, and all. Thompson thinks Unlce Nate can be made to do so, but I can't see how.

Let's assume there is fire. If Uncle Nate is holding the money and received the money, does the NCAA basically Cam Newton Manziel?  I've thought since this thing broke that was going to be the NCAA's way out. In the same way the NCAA didn't have the fortitude to bring the hammer down on Newton and the most compelling story in college football, it'll be interesting to see if they do so here. Again, assuming there is fire where the smoke is.

The easy way out for the NCAA is to say Manziel didn't know there was money being exchanged, ban contact between Uncle Nate and A&M's program, and go pat themselves on the back.

Then declare athletes ineligible for having trace amounts of ink on their hands.



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