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August 8, 2013

Athlon Sports asks SEC Coaches

One of my very favorite things they do is ask other coaches to reply anonymously their thoughts on other programs/players. Except for Bret Bielema. You can hear that accent though the typeface.

  • On Georgia: "They remind you of the Miami teams in the early 2000s." - Not a snark directed at how much Richt has lost control of things. 
  • On Alabama: They could stand to get quicker up front." - On their new look defensive line. 
  • On Arkansas: “They are going to be terrible. What they are doing now, it’s the product of bad recruiting." - Holding no punches on the effects of the Bobby Petrino mess. 
  • On Auburn: "The tackling is suspect." - And their receivers, their QB, their offensive line, their... 
  • On Florida: "They are trying to find their identity. They probably thought they had their identity at one point, but then some of the bigger, stronger teams in our league kind of challenged that identity." - Think about the last time you heard Georgia referred to this way vis a vis Florida. 
  • On LSU: "(Quarterback) Zach Mettenberger, to me, is very average." - Obviously not a regular on the Dawg Vent, circa 2010. 
  • On Tennessee: "I always respected what Cincinnati did under Jones. They seemed to be a well-coached team." - Hope it doesn't translate. 
Good stuff there.



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