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August 5, 2013

Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Greg at Bulldog Illustrated busts out some pre-season video goodness, which I'm sure I'm gonna scam one of these nights and post here.
  • Bernie notes that Grantham has had one pass rusher in each season be The Man. He bets, along with everyone else, that Jordan Jenkins will be That Guy.
  • The spirit of T.Kyle King lives on at Dawg Sports (but they have to work on their tongue in cheek game).
  • Ryan at Gottasuportem has some need statistical stuff on the Dawgs from last year.
  • Mr. Sanchez gives his best Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at Dawg Sports and Sports and Grits.
  • Quantifying #MACTION. It is real.
  • Stingtalk (I don't really need a reason, just a link; but it is awesome to watch them piss at each other).
  • Somebody thinks Clemson will be very, very good.
  • Florida is also casting about for a place kicker.
  • South Carolina, too.
  • Vandy unleashes the pass rush. That was one of the highlights of last year's defense.
  • Oh, and John Paul Manziel.


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