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August 31, 2013

No Name Defense

After hearing ESPN and everyone else talk about all the guys that left and how all these new players are in, I've decided to name our defense the No Name Defense.

Without acknowledging any of our opponents have to play defense too, those pundits are implicitly saying it doesn't matter what our offense does, our defense isn't good enough to stop teams from scoring. I, for one, think that is folly.

Go out and make that name for yourselves boys, but I'll be calling you the No Names this year.


KornDawg said...

I sat there and watched Corso call us overrated because we lost so much on the defensive side of the ball and he never said one word about the offense. It took Pollack mentioning the fact that Clemson didn't have much defense to speak of either before Corso would say "oh yeah, they're overrated, too." Bunch of asshats,but I did like what Desmond Howard said about the NCAA re: the Manziel "punishment."

TylerDawgden said...

I'm just done with the constant disrespect of our defense.

Hunkering Hank said...

Awful. Just awful. So typically awful. Murray throws a horrific pick and fumbles the ball. The o-line can't block for shit. The defense can't tackle. Special teams are now a freaking mess too. All that and we still damn near won. No leadership. No accountability. Murray is not even remotely pressed by a backup. He'll start every game no matter what. Classic Richt.

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