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September 1, 2013

Clemson post game

A few late night thoughts:
* Either Clemson's Dline is better than I thought or we are in big trouble on the Oline. It is too early to tell, but we got whipped up front. Give them credit, they did very well in disrupting out tempo.
*Morgan being out didn't matter, but a special teams play did. Drink if you had botched snap on FG attempt in the pool.
*Qayvon Hicks is a beast. He'll be All-American good. Soon.
*I'll reserve judgement on Murray and play calling until I rewatch the game. Murray wasn't sharp early, but it is hard to say how much was pressure and coverage and what was bad throws.
*It we never run another counter draw it would be too soon.
*The defense did what I thought it would. A lot of arm and bump tackles by a very young group. Seeing Jenkins and Floyd play makes me very excited.
* If you want to blame anyone, blame the coaches for D recruiting 2-4 years ago.

I'll see how I feel in the morning, but this outcome was always an option. Clemson played well. I'm worried I'm going to rewatch the game and find our mistakes ends up being the deciding factor.

Go Dawgs.


noladawg said...

Not to put too fine a point on it, but miscues were absolutely the downfall. As Bill Connelly foretold, counting up the big plays and turnovers will tell you who won the game. The 2 turnovers and the high snap field goal were the difference.

I'm disappointed in the outcome and worried about the offensive line, but the arm tackles can be corrected. Proud of our boys effort - they made mistakes, but never gave up.

Johns Creek Dawg said...

Different season, same crap. I'm tired of it. Every season we hear the hype...that its a opportunity to prove ourselves, to rectify our lwromgs from the past season. Then they go out there and they execute poorly and make stupid mistakes. Aaron Murray should have never thrown that pick close to the end of the 1st half. How he did NOT see that defender is beyond me.

Typical result under Richt....a loss against a highly ranked team on national television. I am not getting back on the Fire Richt bandwagon; I never got off. He needs to go.

Andrew Koppenaal said...

That is because you don't understand football. The MLB blitzed and the QB key and mind goes to full blitz and not a zone blitz. He was looking at an area and saw an open TE, then the defender was there. It was a great call by Venables.

Olddawg55 said...

Andrew K., glad to see someone on here that understands football unlike JCD who has obviously never stood in the way of a blitz. Crowd noise did play Hell with the Oline and contributed to the delay penalties. Murray only disappointed me in that I thought he'd take command more. Defense shows promise with all the inexperience there but some future stars aplenty. Yes, some play calls could have been better in hindsight but I always coached better in hindsight rather than real time. Critics are expected as are bandwagon cheerleaders but cool it folks, we'll have a good season. I hope you have more patience..until you've strapped on a pair of cleats in that venue don't be too critical.

Johns Creek Dawg said...

Sorry...didn't realize this was just a rah rah support site.

TylerDawgden said...

I think the tent is big enough for everyone.

I don't think Richt should be fired, but Murray definitely has the game maturity to read the drop back into coverage and should have made that read. It WAS a very good play call by Venables. I firmly believe we played a spectacular football team on Saturday. I think we have a very good one ourselves, for that matter.

We made far more mistakes that reflect coaching on the offensive side of the ball. We made far more mistakes that reflect youth on the defensive side of the ball. That sounds about right to me.

And if you are looking for a place that everyone is pro-Fire Richt, I'm guessing that tent is pretty small, comparatively speaking. Of course, you are welcome to have that opinion here all day.

Chris Austin said...

I love my dogs. We bleed red and black in my family but hear me out. Aaron Murray is 25-2 against ranked teams in his tenure. He talked about the team being in mid season form well they were not. I do believe Richt and Bobo need to go. I have been saying this for four years. They have had some incredible talent and every year we fall short. Richt will give you ten wins a year and nothing more.Georgia is the only team in the SEC that has lost there openers vs ranked teams.

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