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August 9, 2013

Pre-season All-American Teams

I'm sure you've seen that Artie Lynch and Todd Gurley are 2nd team pre-season All-American, at least for SI. Glad both of them are getting some love.

But it leads me to a question: What are they basing it on? They have Sammy Watkins as 1st Team AA at WR and TJ Yeldon as 1st Team AA at RB. Ok. Not bad choices, but how do you decide on Yeldon over Gurley when both averaged 6.3ypc last year? How about when Gurley had 5 more TDs? They cite the SECCG and BCSNCG for Yeldon, but Gurley had 247 yards in the SECCG and CapOne Bowl. Not saying Yeldon was a wrong choice, but how do you make that distinction?

What about Sammy W? Yes, he had good numbers, but not in the same league as Amari Cooper, who was 2nd team.

My point is that these mean nothing other than to give me something to bitch about, I guess. We'll see how it goes Labor Day weekend, but I'm willing to say Malcolm Mitchell has as many catches as Sammy Watkins. And way more yards.



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