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September 2, 2013

3 Questions Answered: Clemson

  1. Will our young DBs impact the game in a good way or bad way? Yes. Langley will be very good one day. He looked over matched at times. We also have to get good at tackling and soon.
  2. Can we script plays allowing us to control the tempo of the game? I think we worried too much about this. I hate to think the worst thing to happen was scoring on our first play from scrimmage, but I wonder how it would have gone if we'd taken more time to get the ball in.
  3. If we get into a shootout, do we keep our foot on the pedal? I'll re-watch the game here in a little bit, but how much of the stagnation in the middle of the game had to do with trying new stuff (I honestly don't know)?
I'm still in the we lost to a team that is as good as we are but played better camp. While I am in honest fear for Aaron Murray's well being this weekend, I also think there is plenty of good to take away from this game. Simply getting competent on the Oline will go a long way in helping me feel better.


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