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September 2, 2013

90% of what went wrong was in the practice reports

The practice reports said in clear and no uncertain terms:

1. Our young, unproven defensive backs had not participated in any contact of any consequence for most if not all of the summer drills.  If you don't practice tackling, you don't tackle well.  And here's a news flash for the tone deaf...if you're in green you're not practicing tackling.  Even our proven DBs were missing MASSIVE amounts of time in non-green jerseys.  Of course they weren't going to tackle well.

2.  A hadn't played in a college or high school football game in 3+ years walked off the street and was contending to start at not one but TWO offensive line positions.  Of course, we were going to have some issues along the OL.

3.  We started a walkon safety who gave up a gimme TD against Missouri due to a lack of scholarship caliber speed. Of course, Clemson would target him.  I hope that weed was awesome that JHC allegedly smoked because in a 3 point game, only having 10 scholarship players in the game was a factor.

4.  Not in the practice reports, but Of course, we'd struggle to win a shootout with our All-American RB out for half the game with an injury.

5.  Of course, we would struggle with an up tempo offense when our DC has struggled to get plays in quickly for years and we do NOT have the depth proven depth to sub enough to offset that tempo.

It's not the end of the world, but 90% of what went wrong shouldn't be a shocker either.  The team will get better.  Hell, they put up 500+ yards of offense in spite of playing with their heads up their ass for big chunks of the 2nd and 3rd quarters.  And it's not like Clemson's offense is a joke.  It's a well constructed approach, and it was a bad match-up for us in Week 1.  

But it shouldn't be a shocker. The only thing that shocked me was I thought our OL wouldn't given up murderous sacks like Murray took twice in the resulting in the fumble. And I didn't expect so many non-noise related offensive penalties.  But otherwise, it was mostly in the practice reports.



gridiron said...

You're a genius.

paulwesterdawg said...

That what I keep telling my wife.

TylerDawgden said...

Dude, some of us have to deal with him on a regular basis.

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