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September 9, 2013

Back where they belong

After three years of hearing non-sense about ownage, it was good to hear South Carolina fans back to their hysterical selves. After the game, I actually had a guy try to bring up last year and how this year wasn't *really* a good win because of all the bad calls the refs made. That was after I thanked him for coming to Athens and telling him to have a safe trip home (seriously). This history of Wake Forrest and the ego of...who? Oklahoma State? Texas A&M circa 2000?

Even the blog/media sites were in on the fun yesterday.

From Gamecock Central (South Carolina's Rivals site):
Coaching: I thought the gameplan on offense was good. That is about the only good thing I can say here. They still need to get the tight ends more involved. I can understand why Steve Spurrier called the play on fourth-and-goal late in the game because the option had worked the whole game but I don't agree with it. I didn't agree at all with the gameplan on defense. I think the cornerbacks should have been more physical and the defensive ends should have been playing more outside the offensive line. The defensive staff needs to bounce back next week. Grade: D-
For the record, they didn't give out an defensive score higher than on defense.

From Garnet and Black Attack (which is the most reasonable of all South Carolina blogs):
  • The entire defense. Something is definitely off with the South Carolina defense and the staff needs to figure it out ASAP. Coming into the season this unit was supposed to be one of the best, and while I was able to explain away the issues with the UNC game, it is awfully hard to forgive what happened in Athens.
  • Young line backers. Pretty self explanatory. The guys fought hard, but were often out of position and gave Gurley and Co. tons of running room. Getting gashed sucks, and those guys have to step it up if we're going to be highly successful.
Well, you could say the Georgia's offense had something to do with those two...

I suppose Georgia's offense isn't really that good after all.
National media gets into the act:
-Sour finish at Georgia has Gamecocks sounding finished (Dan Wolken, USA Today)


paulwesterdawg said...

They have like 5-6 scholarship seniors on the ENTIRE Roster. That's why they lost. I told my Gamecock buddy pre-game "before you get to pumped about how much we allegedly sucked vs. Clemson...just remember that those guys put up 520+ yards of offense and scored 35 points despite not having our best player...Todd Gurley...for almost half the game. We don't suck as bad as the media wants to paint the picture."

And surprise, surprise, surprise.

We are averaging 38 points per game against Top 10 teams. This is a damn good offense.

SC is just young and their superstar is leading by example in the wrong direction. Welcome to UGA 2008 guys. This is what that felt like.

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