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September 9, 2013

North Texas vs. Georgia kickoff set at 12:21 on SEC Network

Makes sense, considering the games in play on Sept 21st.

Full Schedule:
ESPNews/ESPN3/ESPNU12 p.m. ETVanderbilt at UMass
SEC TV12:21 p.m. ETNorth Texas at Georgia
CBS3:30 p.m. ETTennessee at Florida
ABC/ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU3:30 p.m. ETArkansas at Rutgers
ESPN2 or ESPNU7 p.m. ETColorado State at Alabama
ESPN2 or ESPNU7 p.m. ETSMU at Texas A&M
FSN7:30 p.m. ETTroy at Mississippi State
ESPN7:45 p.m. ETAuburn at LSU
Big Ten Network8 p.m. ETMissouri at Indiana

I'm a little surprised they didn't wait to see what happens with UT vs. Oregon this week.



paulwesterdawg said...

Why wait on Oregon/UT? That game will be over before the end of the first quarter. OU will make them look silly.

BTW -- It's a 5 hour flight from Oregon to Knoxville assuming they are going Charter direct out of Eugene They got lucky with a 3:30 ET kickoff instead of 8:00 ET. They will have their players in bed with a little jet lag by around 2:30 am if they are flying direct out of Eugene *at best*.

If the charter flies out of Portland they are in bed at 5 am. Welcome to Damon Evans quality scheduling there with your godzilla game against UF on Saturday.

That practice on Monday will be a bust.

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