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September 9, 2013

NCAA trouble brewing for Les Miles?

Les Miles has been at LSU since the 2005 season. He left Oklahoma State in very good shape after a couple of better than average years and a well stockpiled talent base (although eleven of his players never made it to Fall 2005 to play for Gundy), and a very good Offensive Coordinator in Mike Gundy to step in to fill his shoes.

Is there more to the story about how those players so fell in love with Stillwater?

Oklahoma State has already contacted the NCAA. It is a long way before any of this has resolution, but the distraction couldn't come at a better time for Georgia. If SI releases the story this week, as planned, it'll be a hot story in the next couple of weeks. LSU will be in Athens on Sept. 28th.

There is some pretty salacious stuff here:
  • Coaches and boosters paying athletes, including bonus payments for good plays and payment for jobs not performed, or as we like to call it: Auburning.
  • Tutors doing work for athletes, grade manipulation, and attendance roll falsification. 
  • The Weed. 
  • Tennessee's hostesses Orange Pride hostesses providing sex to recruits.
Most of this stuff isn't new hat (see what I did there), but paying the players is alleged to have happened as recently as 2011. However, Mike Gundy had an interesting quote:
When Gundy was asked if he fears the SI project will lead to NCAA trouble, he said, "(University officials) only (showed) me what I was involved in, if there was anything, which was zero."
Yeah. So Miles has already issued a denial, as well. For now, the primary focus will be on Joe DeForrest, the former assistant for both Miles and Gundy that is alleged to have provided bonus payments. DeForrest is currently an assistant at West Virginia.

While I'm all for vacating a loss in Stillwater, the big news is how will this roll through the LSU program and how much Miles will be questioned/have his focus shifted from coaching in the next two weeks.



paulwesterdawg said...

Miles didn't let the Michigan job distract him in 2007. This nonsense won't phase him in the least. Unfortunately.

TylerDawgden said...

Difference is deciding (if you believe the narrative) between one program wanting you pay you $4M/yr and another willing to match it is far less distracting than answering NCAA and the media about sex in Stillwater.

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