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September 16, 2013

North Texas has the orangest kicking tees

Hopefully, this is a get right game for Georgia on many levels. Give the first team offense a few series to work out kinks. Get some non-starting youngsters serious game reps. Test out some offensive line rotations. Get Marshall Morgan some leg stretchers. Hutson Mason.

And all the defensive stuff, too.

Of course, the devil is in 'all the defensive stuff,' as we have plenty of that to work on. Chief among them is reps for young guys. Right now, Georgia hasn't had a game that will allow Grantham the luxury of trying out combinations of players that might work better together, as he's been forced to go with those that have done best in practice. 

There are three things I hope we get figured out defensively (and I think would make me feel much better about LSU and beyond):
  • What combination of players work best at handling the middle passing game? Wilson is a heady tackler who handles the run well. He has looked like my uncle when my aunt is asking him to take out the garbage during pass protection. At Mike, he'll need to step up and figure out who needs coverage during the whole play and who will get handed off to a safety. Quickly.
  • Improving Langley's pass coverage play. He's had some pretty nice plays. He's been thrown at a lot. He's given up big plays. It seems to me he is still relying a bit too much on his athleticism instead of technique. A week of technique improvement is huge.
  • Run stop in the middle. We don't have the beef in the middle we had last year, but we only have one lineman in the top 5 in tackles (Sterling Bailey). That's a lot of tackles getting made 5 yards past the line of scrimmage.
At some point, we'll need our defense to win a game, and I don't mean just getting the offense the ball back without a score. We are going to have a game where the O isn't clicking (see Kentucky last year for a good example). We have the talent and depth to be at least as competent as last season. This week will go a long way and helping us get there.

Plus, we can use the stats bump, because I'm tired of hearing about how Georgia's defense hasn't stopped anybody.


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