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September 16, 2013

Weekend observations

The cool part of a bye weekend is you can put your energy on pure hate, rather than use it on hope for a Georgia win.

So, what did we learn this weekend?

  • OMG Georgia Tech can throw the football!!!! Before we get all worked up over Vlad Lee's 4 TD pass performance, keep in mind they didn't throw the ball but 16 times the whole game. Three of the four TDs came on 3rd and long. That sort of situation won't be optimal against a defense more competent than Duke's. Last year, they had 3 of their twelve passing TDs against Duke, with two each against Presbyterian and USC.
  • Tennessee isn't ready. You think Bobo looked at all those open receivers Oregon had on play action passes and didn't grin a little?
  • Florida State looks very ready. They consistently kept Nevada's offense from finding any rhythm. 
  • Oh, Mack. You are so fired. 
  • Wow. South Carolina needed way more to hold off Vandy than I thought they would have. Give them props for the goal line stand and ensuing long game killing drive, but Spurrier can't be happy over giving up 15 unanswered 4th Q points.
  • B1.5G going 1-3 against the Pac-12. While there was only one match-up that was actually compelling (Wisconsin vs. Arizona State), the UCLA blow out of Nebraska had to hurt.
  • Hey, Auburn won a conference game. Extension time for Malzahn.
What'd you enjoy?


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