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September 15, 2013

Official Fail

The set up: Wisconsin is trying to center the ball on first down, with the intention of spiking the ball and bringing out the FG unit. The problem is without time outs, you are at the mercy of the officials to set the ball in a timely manner, which the officials were clearly in no hurry to do. Wisconsin kneels with 15 sec on the clock. Arizona State jumps on the ball.

In the confusion (which should have been managed better by the officials), the ball doesn't get set to play for over 13 seconds, with the official standing over the ball and holding back Wisconsin's defense for the last five of those. We can place the blame on Wisconsin's decision here, but the game officials have to have more urgency in this situation. They train on end of game situations such as this.

Oh, and Arizona State probably could have been flagged for delay of game, but that is quibbling.

Outside of a reprimand of the officials of the Pac-12 crew, nothing will happen. Not saying they did anything intentionally wrong, but you have to give teams a chance to do their thing in this situation.


noladawg said...

Here's what I don't understand: Wisconsin didn't spike the ball - the QB just placed it on the ground. Wasn't the first mistake not signalling it a fumble? Regardless, the refs were confused, but I'm willing to give them a bit more benefit of the doubt - I had it on DVR and wasn't sure what should've been done.

On another note, any chance you'll open Recommend Games on funofficepools?

gullyterrier . said...

I thought it should have been ruled a fumble.
It was poor execution by the QB for sure. Why not kick that field goal on the play before? If you were just going to down it in the middle, that was a dumb play call with a lot of risk.

TylerDawgden said...

I only saw this view. It isn't a fumble if he kneels down, but I guess if he didn't go all the way down or the official didn't blow it dead, I can see that argument.

They haven't activated that feature yet, but I keep asking...

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