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September 7, 2013

Saturday morning tailgate thoughts

It is a lovely morning in Athens. If you aren't here yet, get here soon; we need to fill up the stadium early. I'm looking at you, alumni that don't want to get caught in traffic and students that will wait until the end of the first, 'cause this keg ain't gonna float itself. Ice that baby down and get here.

*The crowd seems boisterous, at least here.
*I can hear the Redcoats practicing. It is glorious.
*One thought I had about the game is that Shaw's long pass play came off a play action where the UNC guy was alone with the receiver. Think we'll see that play a time or two?
*What is the over/under?
*Any chance those guys tailgating beside us can play Dream Weaver? I miss that.

Did I mention you need to get here?


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