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September 4, 2013

Tackling in practice

You've got to give coaches credit where it is due. I for one think tackling in practice, at least one day a week, isn't a terrible thing. When you think about Paul's point earlier, remember: Tray Matthews hadn't tackled anyone at speed in over a month. When you add in how many young guys were in the rotation, that isn't the best situation to put them in. 

The inherent tension is risk of injuries vs. reward of sharper skills. I counted no less than 20 missed tackles by Georgia Saturday, and I'm not talking about power running through arm tackles. I'm talking about putting a body on someone and not bringing him down. Think Watson's 75 yard TD. Think the converted 3rd down with Matthews hitting him behind the line of scrimmage. Think at least two Boyd magical escapes, one that converted a 3rd down. Clearly, the reward, at least for now, is worth the risk.

Tackling is the type of thing that is very fixable, even before Saturday. Even if the offensive line thing isn't fixed, tackling competently gives us a huge boost over the performance from last Saturday.  


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