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September 20, 2013

What I'm looking for this weekend

While I'm at North Texas tomorrow, there are some games that offer compelling looks at future opponents and SEC teams:
  • Missouri at Indiana, 8pm on BTN. Ok, Missouri has put up some yardage (currently 3rd in the conference behind TAMU and UGA). However, their competition has been less solid. They put up 694 on some dark blue and mostly yellow team, but only put up 384 on a darker blue and more yellow team. Neither of those teams were named Michigan. Will they break 350 against a suspect Indiana squad? To give you sense of what I think, the darker blue and more yellow team gave up 415 to Florida the week before they played Missouri.
  • Auburn at LSU, 7:30pm on ESPN. How many points will LSU score? Will Auburn get a first down? Can Mettenberger walk on water? Heady stuff here.
  • Colorado State at Alabama, 7pm on ESPN2. Sacrificial rams, if you ask me.
  • Tennessee at Florida, 3:30 on CBS. After going to Eugene and having to face Oregon, they go to Gainesville and face the anti-Oregon. Except this team has a very good defense. Take the under, unless it is zero.
  • Vandy at UMass, 12pm on ESPNews. Dammit Vandy, if you are going to play big boy SEC football, you have to schedule like big boy SEC football programs. We don't play MAC teams on the road, even if it gets you in the Patriot's stadium. Have some damn pride.
  • Troy at Mississippi State, 7:30pm on FSN. Last shot for the Bizzaro Dawgs to get a win over a school from Alabama.
  • North Carolina at Georgia Tech, 12pm on ESPN. There is no reason to think North Carolina's porous defense can stop The Wizard of North Avenue's running game, but it'd be cool if they did.
  • SMU at Texas A&M. 7pm on ESPNU. Is there such a thing as a let down game if you lost your biggest game of the season?
No wonder GameDay decided to go to North Dakota.


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