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September 19, 2013

Bovada Heisman and National Champion odds

Three weeks in is still kind of early for thinking about Heisman odds, but it is interesting to me that Oregon's Marcus Mariota, on the back of beating a very suspect Tennessee defense for a brazillian yards, is in front of Manziel and McCarron. Taking nothing away from Mariota, who is The Real Deal, despite both A&M and Alabama's defensive issues, both are a long way from Dooley's Lazy Hounds Who Don't Even Chase Cats:

Also, Murray is above Gurley, which is all about national media reporting the monkey being off Murray's back.

Odds to win the 2013-2014 Heisman Trophy
Marcus Mariota (QB Oregon)                              9/2 
Johnny Manziel (QB Texas A&M)                        5/1 
A.J. McCarron (QB Alabama)                             13/2
Teddy Bridgewater (QB Louisville)                      13/2 
Jameis Winston (QB Florida State)                     9/1 
Tajh Boyd (QB Clemson)                                   10/1 
Braxton Miller (QB Ohio State)                           12/1 
De'Anthony Thomas (RB Oregon)                       141 
T.J. Yeldon (RB Alabama)                                  16/1 
Aaron Murray (QB Georgia)                                18/1 
Brett Hundley (QB UCLA)                                   18/1 
Todd Gurley (RB Georgia)                                  20/1

As for winning the national championship goes, Alabama and Oregon are still your top two. Texas A&M falls down to 100/1, with the likes of Georgia Tech, Northwestern, and Florida. Georgia checks in at 22/1.

Odds to win the 2013-2014 BCS National Championship
Alabama                       2/1 
Oregon                         4/1 
Ohio State                    13/2 
Clemson                       12/1  
Florida State                 12/1 
LSU                              14/1 
Stanford                       14/1 
Michigan                       16/1 
Oklahoma State            16/1 
Miami                           20/1 
Georgia                        22/1 
Louisville                      25/1 


Hunkering Hank said...

I know this isn't a ranking of who is the best player, but I wouldn't trade Todd Gurley for T.J. Yeldon in a million years.

TylerDawgden said...

Agreed. I think a couple of these guys are getting bumps for the offense they play in (think Thomas at Oregon, Mariota is the engine of that offense). Yeldon's bump is the product of he plays for.

To date, Gurley has more yards and TDs on the same number of rushes and games.

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