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October 1, 2013

3 questions answered: LSU

So the questions hit the nail on the head this week. Even the prediction was eerily on point:
"If we make LSU put the game in the hands of Mett and LSU's passing game, we'll end up winning."
The answers:
  1. Can we slow down LSU's run game? Yes. Lord, yes. Our run defense strategy was dead on. We tackled cleanly. Drove through hits, kept the offensive line moving the wrong way, nearly always maintained our gaps. The only fault in the running game was on two different goal line situations, we sold out on the dive without accounting for the zone toss. Give Cam Cameron credit for the play calls there, but we have to watch that going forward.
  2. Will we screw up something in special teams? Dude, this might be the biggest hidden factor in the game, especially considering we won by 3. For my money, kicking the ball out of the end zone is always better than putting the ball in the hands of Odell Beckham, Jr. However, we did a very good job covering him. And LSU ended up making the special teams mistake. Very solid all around play.
  3. Will our crowd make a difference? I can't say enough about Saturday's crowd. While Les Miles is the one coach in the SEC that will give his fan base more heartburn over timeout and clock management than Mark Richt, at least two of his TOs were due to crowd noise. We (the Royal We) were loud and in the game. Just spectacular.
We've still got some stuff to fix, especially on defense. I don't think we'll score 38+ points per game all season, but At some point we'll need more than a stop on a final drive to win. If our offense keeps playing at this level, we'll continue to be a very dangerous team. We are going into the part of the season where some style points might be needed and earned, beginning this weekend on the road in Knoxville.

We roll 500+ yards and 40+ points on them, while not allowing the game to be a nail biter, that'll put folks on notice that we're a for real player in end of season scenarios.


noladawg said...

Clearly you didn't see the Saints play last night... John Jenkins with a huge TFL early on 3rd and a foot, and Ben Watson with a TD reception. WHO DAT!!!

CJ M said...

"No one does it better than Georgia." ~ Richt

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