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October 1, 2013

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 5

  1. Alabama - Easily the best team in the NFC South.
  2. Georgia - Georgia could probably get a wildcard spot in the AFC.
  3. LSU - At some point, LSU will have to figure out how to defend a pass. As good as Mett is, he's only got three legit targets. 
  4. Texas A&M - Johnny Manziel walks into a bar. Chuck Norris politely leaves.
  5. Florida - Look for Florida to get more dangerous due to using Tyler Murphy to manage the offense instead of asking Jeff Driskel to run the offense. 
  6. South Carolina - When Spurrier is starting to coach the defense, you know South Carolina's season is going the wrong direction.
  7. Ole Miss - Bo Wallace is probably the kid that ran his mouth in class, then hid while his bros got their asses whipped on the playground.
  8. Vandy - Good news, Vandy. UAB is also a DI program.
  9. Missouri - Until your best win is over a better team than the one B1G team Illinois will beat this season, you'll not go higher.
  10. Auburn - Tigers, you'll always have holding LSU to fewer points than Georgia.
  11. Arkansas - Bret Bielema falling is some sort of metaphor, right?
  12. Mississippi State - We'll see how that defense does this week, but unless they find some offense, their upside is the BBVA Compass Bowl.
  13. Tennessee - Quite possibly the worst team in the state of Tennessee.
  14. Kentucky - I'd be willing to bet anything in double digits this week against South Carolina causes the UK students to rush the field.


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