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October 14, 2013

3 Questions Answered: Missouri

  1. Will we get off the field? Good news, we held them to under 50% on 3rd down. Bad news, they got a ton of first downs on 2nd down. Aside from the first drive of the game and the 3rd Q, the end zone was the only thing stopping their offense.
  2. Special teams blah blah blah? Good news, we didn't give up a special teams touchdown. Bad news, we've screwed up our punters mojo. And still can't long snap the ball.
  3. Will we and the team take Missouri seriously? This ended up being a non-factor. The fans were loud and in the game. I could snark about students showing up late, but Sanford was full by 12:15, so I'll let that go. By all accounts, the team played hard and efforted throughout. 
My confidence in the offense was misplaced for this game. Especially in the offensive line. Yes, the defense stunk it up, but that isn't new. Frustrating yes; but definitely not new. I'd been worried we would end up in a game where we needed the defense to do something to help the offense. This was that game.



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