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October 14, 2013

Gurley "real close" to returning

Ok, but what about Tray Matthews? Yes, Gurley is a game changer, but right now, Matthews' absence is hurting the team overall more, right?



ben bragg said...

I actually agree. Our Safeties were abused on the reginald on Saturday. I'd say Connor Norman actually might be more important. Did I just say that?

JBC said...

No chance Mathews is more important. Gurley is the best back in the country when healthy and is absolutely a game changer. You also have to keep in mind that Mathews wasn't exactly living up to the hype those first four games either -- I think he will be eventually be a very solid player, but lets not kid ourselves and pretend he is better than an All-American

paulwesterdawg said...

If you have a time machine which sends veteran future tray back in time. Then yes. Otherwise it's Gurley

ricker9 said...

I almost agreed with you, but then i thought...with Gurley back, Tray would see less time on the field. Hopefully when we get Gurley back we'll control the ball longer.

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