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October 14, 2013

Missouri started 11 seniors

Not sure how much to make of this, but I didn't realize it before I read this:
In its 41-26 victory at No. 7 Georgia, Missouri started 11 seniors, eight of them fifth-years.
Contrast that with this:
Inside linebacker Reggie Carter became the seventh true freshman to start a game for the Georgia defense this season.
By my count, six of those are on defense. I'm not alibiing for the defense, but it is something to remember while we deconstruct the loss and overall defensive play this season. We knew the team was young. Experience matters.

Now we are in the part of the season that we need to see the experience from the last six games being coached into better play.


Jack Holland said...

Lack of recruiting and development of defensive players ultimately falls on who???..... Todd Grantham.

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