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October 15, 2013

SEC Power Poll, Week 7

  1. Alabama - When the story of the week is a scoreless first quarter against Kentucky, that should tell you all you need to know about national media being ready for the SEC to be done.
  2. LSU - Won without Mett being on. That should scare few teams.
  3. Texas A&M - For Johnny Manziel's next trick, he's going to give the Dos Equis guy pointers on meeting redheads.
  4. Missouri - This is the team Mike Slive thought he was getting from the Big 12.
  5. Georgia - The best two loss team in the country, or something.
  6. South Carolina - Shorter Spurrier: "Kiss my ass, Bert."
  7. Florida - Good news, Florida doesn't have to face the run defense they did against LSU again. Bad news, they get to face Missouri's speed rushers.
  8. Auburn - Don't look now, but the Tigers are looking like they might be getting the hang of Malzahn's offense. 
  9. Ole Miss - I still think Freeze should have had Marshall Henderson flip off the crowd after Ole Miss let TAMU go down the field.
  10. Tennessee - Don't look now, but UT gets to play spoiler in the SEC East race.
  11. Vandy - Over/under on number of Jordan Matthews targets this week against UGA: 31.5
  12. Arkansas - Something tells me Steve Spurrier does not respect Bert Bielema's Vegas game. 
  13. Mississippi State - Mississippi State players thought they were playing 'Rolling Green,' something you'd think they'd be much better at than football.
  14. Kentucky - Yeah, this is one I'm sure of.
I had not idea what to do with the bottom three. Vandy was close to being in that group, too. At the top, I think LSU, Texas A&M, Missouri and Georgia are all pretty close, but had to put Georgia down due to the injuries. Same goes with deciding between Florida and South Carolina.



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