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October 11, 2013

3 Questions: Missouri

Time for old man football.
  1. Will we get off the field? We've been talking about 3rd and 4th down. Missouri is 9th in the nation in 3rd down conversion with over 53% conversion rate. I think we can get into a race with them. What concerns me is the special teams issues and how we've been giving up TDs. Which leads me to number...
  2. Special teams blah blah blah? Yeah. Gotta not do all that shit we've been doing. Seriously. 
  3. Will we and the team take Missouri seriously? We fans have to show up. We have to be loud. We have to stay in the game. The team has to do. I've seen the right things out of the team and coaches, but am just concerned.
Missouri is 5-0. Yes, their schedule is much easier than what we've faced. If we had everyone healthy I'd not worry about this game at all. I'd still not have much confidence in the defense, but I'd have utter confidence in the offenses ability to keep give us the win.

I still think we win, but fully expect another heart burn inducing 4th quarter.


gullyterrier . said...

At half it looks like No, No, No. Man I thought this would be our year for sure. Still rooting for LSU

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