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October 12, 2013


Ok, so I'll definitely have more tomorrow, but a few things keep going through my mind:
  • If it's all the same with you, I'll not take it easy on the offensive line. We knew Missouri was quick and had done a very effective job of putting pressure on the QB, but they did it all night while only rushing 4 most of the game. It resulted in four sacks and the most important play of the game. 
  • And the defense. There are two thing I've noticed. First, we are much more effective in the passing game when we blitz. While the Dline is the best unit on the defense, that bar is pretty low. However, our best pass coverage is a QB throwing the ball away. Second, we looked much more comfortable in the second half when we ran our defense out of a pre-set, instead of trying to get a play in before the offense gets their play off.
  • I wonder what Coach Richt was saying to David Smith at the end of the first half. I'm betting he wasn't using polite words.
  • We did the things we couldn't and still win: turnovers, allow Franklin time to throw, got unnecessarily conservative on offense, didn't cover the drag route well.
  • But seriously, the defense! I'm sure we'll beat the defense to death now that we've lost, but damn we looked over matched. 
  • The same seems to look to be the case for Grantham. I'm going to re-watch the game before I get to down on CTG. My point when I wrote this was to give Missouri's offensive coaching props for continually adjusting to what we were doing.
I think the most disappointing thing to me is I do believe this team is special. I hate that we'll not get to see how good they could be if they'd been healthy a full season. 

Georgia lost to a team that was better coached and ready to play. It'll happen some more if we don't figure some of that stuff out.


Chris Marr said...

I agree. That's the thing that kills me - this team could have been something if we'd stayed healthy. And I feel bad for Murray that his senior season is going to go down as a disappointment for things that are out of his control (injuries). He's a DGD, one of my all-time favorites, and I'd hoped that we could have made something special happen for him this year.

paulwesterdawg said...

The OL wasn't injured. Neither was the D. They have no excuses. It is disgusting that we are in this position defensively. After the season, I would fire Grantham even if we

TylerDawgden said...

Best cliffhanger ever.

ricker9 said...

Where's Van Gorder when we need him?

Rudy said...

Which Van Gorder, the one who coached for UGA or the one since?

ricker9 said...

Brian. Our D coach from the early 2000s. Stolen by Jacksonville in 2005.

TylerDawgden said...

Stolen is an interesting way to put it.

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