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October 13, 2013

Sunday Morning Comes: Missouri

First, you have to give Gary Pinkel credit. They had a very strong game plan, made adjustments through the game on both sides of the ball, and came up with the big plays. I don't think Missouri is a better team than Georgia (and yes, I saw the scoreboard, so shaddup), but I do think they were better prepared and coached yesterday. You give a team like that a free touch down and give up the ball inside their 5 yard line, you'll lose 75+% of the time.

Second, I'm willing to say the injuries played a very big part in what happened yesterday. Especially as it related to Murray and his receivers' simpatico. By my back of the envelope count during the game, there were six incomplete passes because Murray and his guys were not on the same page. It is harder to say what having Gurley and/or Marshall would do, but considering run blocking was good enough for Douglas and Green to come up with 6ypc (against a team only giving up 3.25 pyc), I'd like to think it would change the play calling, at least.

Third, I have to give it to the crowd (with a few exceptions, namely the few knuckleheads booing Aaron Murray): Well done.
  1. Boy, does James Franklin make that offense go. Mizzou does look like a nicely balanced offensive team. They ran about as much as they threw and were competent to spectacular. 
  2. We were feast or famine defensively on first down. I don't think they were 2nd and short very much (just checked the stats, only twice did they have second and less than 4 yards). They also converted some of their biggest plays on first down.
  3. I know the loneliest place in the world is one on one coverage during a trick play. Especially when you are giving up five inches to the receiver and let him get behind you by two steps. Just no where to hide. Also, give Missouri credit for running that play after Josey could have walked through that side of the defense on crutches from the gout had run through that side of the defense for the TD. 
  4. Raise your hand if you thought we were going to win after Mizzou missed the extra point. I did.
  5. I haven't seen the Herrera penalty, but if my dad is any gage, it was the boneheaded decision of the season to date. 
  6. It was weird watching us play offense. We ran more passing plays, a natural result of being down 18 at the half, but it also felt we were very predictable when we ran the ball. And we still were pretty good at running the ball. Just a strange day.
  7. As a fan, it is easy to bitch about stuff like linemen standing around and such, but it felt like several big guys were waiting to find someone to block (at best) or enjoying a very good view of the carnage (at worst) on plays. [I reserve the right to take this back or be more harsh after I watch the game on TV]. That being said, Missouri's speed rush is the truth. Also, give them props for their pass coverage. Of course, covering guys is easier when you are allowed to hit them before the ball gets to them.
  8. If you want a sign of how we are doing, talent evaluation wise, on offensive recruiting, look at JJ Green and Brendan Douglas. Green was a 3 star athlete who was probably the fourth most sought after of the four horsemen from Camden that signed with SEC teams. Douglas was a last recruiting weekend swing from Georgia Tech.
  9. I think our passing improves as Murray and the young receivers get to work together more. See above. However, Murray can't get better passing the ball when he is running for and in fear for his health and safety.
  10. Did anyone notice that the trade off with Barber speeding up his kicking motion is 14 yards of punt distance? I get not hiring a special teams coach, but in our recurring feature of Georgia football special teams, we have a kid who needs some specialty coaching and we can't help him. I guess the good news for Barber is he'll end up chasing Ray Guy's records in the NFL when someone takes a flyer on him and fixes his leg swing timing or whatever.
Overall, Missouri is a pretty good team. Actually far better than I was willing to give them credit for. This is the team we thought we were getting from the Big 12 when we went to Columbia last year. Of course, all of that is out of the window now that James Franklin is injured. Strangely enough, with that one thing, we are not remotely out of the running for going to Atlanta, especially if we can get Gurley and when we can get Bennett back. 

Also, strangely enough, out side of the Gators, Missouri has one of the best defenses in the conference. 


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