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October 13, 2013

Georgia's Bowl Outlook

A great deal of the discussion at our post game pityfest debrief was what does this do for Georgia's bowl outlook. It ranged from New Orleans to Jacksonville. Here's what I think:

Sugar (New Orleans):
  1. The simplest way for us to go is to win the SEC. This isn't 2007. We aren't going to Pasadena with two losses. People don't just lose to Kentucky and Arkansas and play for the National Championship. Keep telling yourself that.
  2. I think we still have a shot to go as an at large. Clearly we'd need to win out for that to happen. If we give number one Alabama all they can handle again in the SECCG, but lose a nail biter, I think we go over anyone but a one loss South Carolina (meaning they've beaten Clemson). I don't see us going to New Orleans without playing in the SEC Championship absent some craziness from the West. If Mizzou gets there, but loses either they play in the Sugar or the SEC only has one team in the BCS. Clearly a one loss Texas A&M/Alabama non-SECCG participant goes before we do no matter what. I think we go before a two loss LSU if we are a three loss SEC Championship Game participant, for what it is worth. Same goes for two loss Florida and two loss South Carolina. If we go to the SEC Championship with Missouri at two losses, who knows?
Capital One (Orlando): Win out the regular season and have Missouri play in the SEC Championship Game. If we lose in the SEC Championship game, there are a ton of variables, but if South Carolina is one loss and not in the Sugar Bowl, they end up here. I just don't see a one loss South Carolina not going to the Sugar Bowl.

Cotton (Dallas): We need monkeys to fly out Mike Slive's ass.

Outback (Tampa): Win out, but have Alabama, Missouri, LSU, South Carolina, and Texas A&M finish ahead of us in rankings/w-l. Depending on how others finish up, we could end up here with another loss.

Peach (Atlanta): Lose another game.

Gator (Jacksonville): Finish behind Missouri, Florida and South Carolina in the East. 

Clearly, this isn't all of the scenarios, just the more likely ones. I don't see LSU in danger of losing to anyone but Alabama, but they could lose to Texas A&M. I don't see Alabama in danger of losing to anyone but LSU. I see Texas A&M in danger of losing to anyone but Mississippi State, UTEP, and Vandy. Or winning out. Missouri has the toughest schedule to go. South Carolina and Florida still have to face each other and have games against very stout OOC opponents left.

All of this assumes the SEC puts two teams in the BCS. If that doesn't happen, who knows?



paulwesterdawg said...

I really think its just too soon to know. I assume that Mizzou will lose a couple with James Franklin because that's what happens when you lose your QB.

It really comes down to the cocktail party. Lose that and we could be in the peach. Anything is possible. Win that...and anything is still possible. Because you just don't know how a 3 loss SECC loser would be treat by the bowls if SC and UF only have 2 losses.

Too many things possible.

TylerDawgden said...

Sure, but I can only find about five words for 'defensive suckitude' in Roget's, so Imma post about bowls.

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