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October 18, 2013

3 Questions: Vandy

I'm about to load up and head north, taking my son on his first away game experience. Hopefully, we'll do what we need to.
  1. How much does Jordan Matthews go off on our secondary? For that matter, how much does Austyn Carta-Samuels go off? We've stopped exactly one team defensively (although we held Missouri below their season averages), but have done ok against the run. Vandy isn't a great running team. That combined with our decent run defense, and inability to do anything competently in pass coverage means they'll be looking to throw out of any set and with any combination of personnel on the field. And with their drag screen and perimeter passing game, look for them to have some success unless we progress a bunch with fundamentals of tackling.
  2. Can we get the QB-WR mojo back? Murray is a rhythm QB. He is one of the best when he is in the groove. He spent countless hours with wide receivers during the off season on timing and patterns. Same goes for the first five weeks of the season. As we saw last week, not all of the receivers were involved in those drills. When you look at the replay, there were several plays that you could easily see the receiver and QB weren't on the same page. While the run game is important, getting Murray and his receivers back together will make Saturday morning much more enjoyable for UGA.
  3. How many points do we need to score to win? Blutarsky thinks it is 35. I'm not certain. Vandy comes in averaging 33.7 ppg. That is exactly what UGA has been giving up per game. When you look at UGA vs. Vandy's competition, that should give you some hope that we won't have to do much to keep them below their average. Not that we want it to be a one TD game. I'm ok with saying we'll need 30, but this also has the feel of a get right day. 
For some reason, I'm feeling more optimistic about this game than I probably should. Last year, we came in having played poorly defensively against Buffalo and FAU and held them to one FG. I don't have any such illusions about keeping them out of the end zone this week, but I certainly think we keep them some below their season average of points. 


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