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October 31, 2013

Biggest WLOCP since 2002?

I know the records don't mean much in this game. They rarely do. However, I'd disagree that this game "lacks sizzle." I'd say this game means a bunch in the long term. Putting aside the thing I said I wouldn't mention again, there is plenty at stake on Saturday in Jacksonville.

For one, both fanbases' psyches hangs in the balance. The winner will have plenty more to go and accomplish this season. The loser drops to .500. The winner is looking at still likely playing a New Year's Day level bowl. The loser is looking a Nashville or somewhere else exotic.

For Georgia, a win means the first three game winning streak in the series since the late 80's. For Florida a win means the momentum hasn't turned all the way around. For Georgia, a loss means a likely retooling of some of the coaching staff at season's end. For Florida, a loss likely means more than a retooling of the staff will take place.

While it isn't exactly a battle for a spot in the SECCG or having the inside line on the Sugar Bowl or anything, I'd posit it means more than that to we mere fans, at least in the long term.


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