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October 27, 2013

Elimination Game in Jacksonville

That is the only time this week I'll mention this* little fact. The winner in Jacksonville this week will still have the glimmer of a chance to get embarrassed by Alabama in December. With South Carolina's win over Missouri Gary Pinkel losing his cojones in the 4th quarter and allowing South Carolina to come back and win last night, literally everyone in the East has a mathematical shot at the division.

That being said, Missouri still has the inside path, but they also have a tough schedule with the game at Ole Miss and facing Texas A&M to end the season:
Sat, Nov 9 TBD
Sat, Nov 23 TBD
Sat, Nov 30 TBD

That being said, Florida faces the toughest road with Georgia and South Carolina still on the schedule. And Vandy is still on the schedule, if you are being honest. Georgia and South Carolina both face Florida, but Georgia still has to go to Auburn, while South Carolina gets Mississippi State at home.

With that win over Missouri, anyone want to bet against South Carolina making it to Atlanta?

That's why I'll only mention 'elimination game' once this week. There is still too much left to happen for me to think about the possibilities necessary for us to win the East. We need to focus on hating Florida.



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