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October 4, 2013

Fall Weddings....

These clowns will have to just get over my red pants and UGA shirt at the rehearsal dinner tonight. Also, if they don't have bourbon tomorrow night, I'm packing in.

What cred I lose with my mother in law, I'll gain with my father in law.


Hey berto said...

I take it you're somewhere out of the southeast? Last fall wedding I attended that wasn't on a bye weekend was 2007 in Vermont. Turns out I was glad to miss that game. Anyhoo.. they said they were having a barbecue. There was a pig on a spit, and I was impressed that they seemed to get it. They'd been at it for what seemed an appropriate number of hours.. I go through the buffet line, and it turns out the pig was mostly for show. They cut me a few pieces of tenderloin and when I asked for the sauce they looked at me with this puzzled look that indicated I might have insulted them, but I was the one who felt insulted. That cousin and I rarely speak anymore.

TylerDawgden said...

Downtown Atlanta.

Notre Dame people. We do get a cocktail for the wedding and open bar immediately after. Also, the groom put the Braves game on his phone last night during rehearsal dinner.

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