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October 4, 2013

Fat Guy Touchdown Fan Game of the Week

In the past, the system we use has allowed you, as participants, to suggest games for our weekly pick'em contest at Fun Office Pools. As you might have noticed, if you've played the pool before, they have changed their website some, and along with that, they haven't programmed the ability to do pool suggested games yet. While I'm a fan of the new functionality, especially as commissioner picking games each week, I miss seeing what games you think should be in our pool.

While I have been assured they are working on the suggested game functionality, I realize we are at the mid-point of the season. So I'll put a couple of match ups for Week 7 I'm pondering. Y'all vote in the comments, with a reason why you want the game.

The game with the most votes will be in our pool. If there is a tie, I'll consider comments to break the tie. Remember, I'll have all the competitive national, SEC, and ACC games in the pool already. Because I am a sucker for story lines, I've already put the Southern Cal and Texas games in, too.

All votes have to be in by 7pm on Sunday night, as I have to set the match-ups before Monday morning.

Games I'm considering:

Pitt at VaTech 
Middle Tennessee at North Texas
Navy at Duke

Each should be close, at least on the lines. 



noladawg said...

Probably Navy atb Duke, although Arizona at USC could be interesting. The Va Tech line is close to 10.

Also hoping we're picking Northwestern @ Wiscy, Michigan at Penn State, and Oregon at Washington. All 3 either have close lines or definite upset potential.

TylerDawgden said...

All three of those are already in there, as is Zona at USC.

Looking like Navy at Duke.

noladawg said...

Oughta be a good/tough week of picks

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